Google is working to introduce the New Google Pilot Feature

Google has presently started working on a new feature that would aggregate short videos from individual applications like TikTok and Instagram to display them on its search results. As per reports, Google is operational on the possibility to feature the videos from these two platforms. This way if the feature is rolled out, users would no longer have to open separate applications to watch videos but they can be watched within the Google app. With this, the individual popularities of those applications that Google is including might decline. As per latest report, Google has confirmed working on a new feature like this. Google is testing the feature on mobiles now. The feature is in its early stage of development on the Google app and the website on mobiles. This means that the video carousel would not appear on your search results as of now but as Google rolls out the feature it would surface top video content from TikTok and Instagram. The feature might be named as Google Pilot. Although, Google already has Google Stories but the report states that the “Short Videos” carousel is quite different. The report suggests that once you click on the videos in the short video carousel, you will be taken to the web version of Instagram or TikTok. Well, it won’t open the applications of the social media platforms but will play under Google itself, even if you have the apps installed in your devices.

The feature was first spotted by one of the Twitter users, who also shared a screenshot of it. Saad A K, was among the first few people, who has got a sight of the feature.

He mentioned that

“he looked for the word ‘Biryani’ and video results from YouTube also appeared on Google Search”.

However, he mentioned that the video results do not appear for every search. Another user named Brian Freiesleben was the first to spot videos from TikTok and Instagram. He commented under Saad’s tweet and wrote, “Noticed Google pulling in Instagram and TikTok videos into this “short videos” carousel this morning.” He also shared the screenshot of his search results and the short video carousels. onsidering TikTok is banned in India, it remains unclear whether the feature will be rolled out to users in India or not. It is not known yet whether Google will only stick to Instagram videos or partner with any of the Indian clones of the Chinese-short video platform. TikTok, on the other hand, still has its offices running in India. As per insiders, the company has not laid off any employees in India and it is in talks with the government to bring the application back in the country. Google has declined to officially provide any statement on the matter or further detail its plans, but unofficially it is confirmed that the feature was currently being piloted on smart phone devices. They clarified that means it’s a limited, early-stage feature. In other words, you won’t find the video carousel on every search query just yet. But in long run, as Google scales the product, it could become an exciting tool for indexing and surfacing top video contents from other social media unless, of course, the platforms choose to block Google from doing so. The feature is currently available in a limited way on the Google app for mobile devices and on the mobile web.

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